Audiocaster Pro

Designed for the modern radio network, it provides the needed store forward capability to allow for diverse local and regional customization.

MAP PRO Audio Receiver

Satellite and IP distribution of radio programming with local playout of programs and ads

MAP Pro Data Receiver

The MAP Pro Data receiver is a flexible data receiver for satellite, internet and hybrid satellite / Internet data broadcasting applications. 

ENC6000 Audio Encoder

A modular software architecture and a flexible license model form the basis of three ENC6000 variants (Appliance, Server, Virtual Machine) for use in audio contribution and audio distribution applications.

P561 Audio Encoder

A high-performance Transport Stream based digital audio encoder, offering many advanced audio codecs and feature sets for STAR Receivers.

ENC5010 Professional Audio

Designed for the modern radio network, it provides the needed store forward capability to allow for diverse local and regional customization.

ENC7000 Audio Encoder

MPEG-4 AAC-LC, HE-AAC v1/v2, and MPEG-1 Layer 2 encoding with standard bit rates and sample rates for improved IP audio delivery.


Ultra-low latency cloud software for multipoint IP radio distribution over managed and unmanaged (Internet) IP networks.

SuperFlex Pro Audio IP

Professional IP audio receiver compatible with IDC's MISTiQ Cloud Platform

SuperFlex Pro Audio Receiver

Offering live audio decoding plus file based content insertion for advanced radio networks.

SuperFlex Pro Data Receivers

Satellite receiver with the built-in power of a router appliance for high speed data over satellite applications

Production Manager

Management of digital program insertion functions in IDC video and radio product lines.

Event Manager

Injects frame accurate queues into audio stream required for commercial insertion; triggers stored program playback, channel changes & more.

Net Manager

A highly reliable network management system designed to control satellite receivers using in-band communications.  

Datacast XD

File broadcasting solution for delivering secure, guaranteed file-based content via multicast-enabled satellite DVB & VSAT networks.

Edgecaster Pro

Control video content to the network's edge with frame-accurate SCTE-35 splicing, on-board video decoding, and graphics overlay.

LASER Multi-Program Splicer

A cost effective, high density solution for targeted ad & program insertion, allowing broadcasters to increase ad revenues & create regional viewing experiences

Video Decoder (DEC-5005)

A high performance video IRD supporting MPEG2, MPEG4/AVC/H.264 and MPEG4/HEVC/H.265 decoding

Video Decoder (DEC-5003)

A high performance video Integrated Receiver Decoder (IRD) with satellite and IP inputs.

RSCC-T Redundancy Switch

1:1 redundancy switching with input/output coaxial switches controlled via front panel, RS-232, RS-422/485, or Ethernet. Automatic/manual switchover. Dual power supplies for high availability.

iMOD-W Modulator

Next-gen satellite modems with FPGA and software architecture. Supports full DVB-S2/S2X range. Exceptional engineering for teleport-grade quality and future-proof expandability.

Multiplexer - MUX-5008

Flexible multiplexer for broadcast applications

Scrambler 5800 (SCR5800)

DVB Scrambler & Re-Multiplexer

DCP-3000 DTV Processing

Compact, powerful and flexible solution with up to six (6) optional modules for DVB satellite signal reception, descrambling, encoding, transcoding, remultiplexing and scrambling.

STAR G2 Pro Audio Receiver

Targeted ad insertion, shared hub support, time-shifting and lower bandwidth requirements make this next-level solution unique.

STAR-TWO G1 Pro Audio

Designed specifically for professional distribution of audio programming over satellite, IP and ASI radio broadcasting networks.

Cyphercast Conditional Access

Professional multicast IP encryption system with fully addressable Subscriber Management

Cyphercast Windows Client

Fully addressable decryption client for multicast IP transmissions of video, audio & data

IP Encapsulator (IPE-4000A)

Providing the necessary link between IP networks and broadband DVB or ATSC networks, the IPE-4000A enables cost effective point-to-multipoint content delivery.

S401 PRO DVB Satellite Receiver

Compact, DVB-S/S2/S2X data receiver with IP output

S300 Satellite Receiver

Compact, reliable DVB-S/S2 data receiver with IP output

S400 PRO DVB Satellite Receiver

Compact, DVB-S/S2 data receiver with IP output

Cinema Distribution

Providing creation, scheduling, control and execution of Digital Cinema Package (DCP) distribution jobs via satellite.

NOC Manager

Providing content management, reporting, and alarming for Digital Content Packages (DCP) distribution to remote theatre sites. 

Cinema Software Client

Meeting the demands of DCP file delivery & transfer through high-speed DCP distribution via satellite, on commercial off-the-shelf hardware.

MAP Pro Cinema Cache Server

Meeting the demands of DCP file delivery & transfer, as well as live event distribution with high-speed DCP distribution via satellite.