DCP-3000 DTV Processing Platform

Flexible platform for video encoding, transcoding and remultiplexing

Compact - Powerful - Flexibler

Six (6) card slots for different optional functional modules, e.g. modulator, demodulator, encoder, transcoder, decoder, interface adapter

Scalable and Affordable

Only buy the cards for the functions you need today and add cards for more functions tomorrow.

High Performance

Throughput up to 49 Gb/s and up to 256 input Transport Streams (TS) and 512 output TS.


The DCP-3000 Digital Content Processing Platform from IDC brings a compact, powerful and flexible solution that allows operators to build or update DTV or IPTV headends to meet the requirements of modern network architectures. DCP-3000 is a compact 1U platform capable of processing a high number of streams. By inserting up to six (6) optional function modules and pluggable reMUX/ Scrambler extended modules, DCP-3000 integrates all DTV headend functions, such as DVB satellite signal reception, descrambling, encoding, transcoding, remultiplexing, scrambling and modulation, in one single compact unit.

  • Maximum data throughput 49Gb/s
  • 16 TS processors on the main board, 100Mb/s bandwidth for each TS processor
  • Dual SFP GbE IP ports with maximum 920Mb/s input and output data rate
  • Up to 256 MPTS/SPTS TS/IP input and 512 MPTS/SPTS output without IP-FEC
  • Up to 24 MPTS/SPTS TS/IP input and 24 MPTS/SPTS output with IP-FEC
  • PSI/SI edition and re-generation, PID re-mapping and filtering
  • Control and monitoring by Front Panel, Menu, Web and SNMP
  • Total six (6) slots for different digital TV functional modules: modulator, demodulator, encoder, transcoder, decoder, interface adapter, etc.
  • Removable cooling fan assembly with alarm & speed control
  • Dual hot-swappable power supplies units
  • 1RU rack with display screen, six (6) buttons, RS-232, USB