IPE-4000A Encapsulator

Providing the necessary link between IP networks and broadband DVB or ATSC networks, the IPE-4000A enables cost effective point-to-multipoint content delivery.

Fully DVB Compliant

Comprehensive feature set, including full DVB SI tables

Reliable Operation

Fully solid state (no spinning hard drive)

Bandwidth Optimization

Supports SMPTE-325M and TCP to UDP tunnel support


The IPE-4000A is a solid state, fully embedded, Linux-based IP Encapsulator. The IPE-4000A receives IP packets from an Ethernet connection and encapsulates selected packets into an MPEG-2 transport stream per DVB or ATSC specifications. Once the IPE has encapsulated the data, it forwards the data packets based on the user configurations. The output transport stream can then be forwarded to a multiplexer or directly to a modulator for the high performance and cost saving transmission of IP data over cable, satellite or terrestrial networks.