Digital Program Insertion

Helping media broadcasters control content at the network’s edge like never before. Regionalized content, precision targeted advertising, and blackout management—all frame-accurate.

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Tech Benefits

Support for open standards such as SCTE-35 for frame-accurate operation.

Financial Benefits

Target regionalized content/ads to generate new revenues. Reliable blackout management for regulatory compliance.

Pain Resolution

Supporting conversion from analog to digital networks, and on-screen regional channel branding.

About this solution

IDC’s LASER Digital Program Insertion Platform enables video media broadcasters to offer regionalized content/ad insertion at the edge of their network. LASER also offers reliable blackout management for commercial and regulatory compliance requirements.

  • Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) networks including in ATSC, DVB-T/T2 and ISDB-T network - where it is possible to regionalize content on a per broadcast tower, city, region, state for example.
  • Direct To Operator (DTO) networks used by content owners to distribute content to Pay and/or Free To Air broadcasters - where it is possible to regionalize content on a per broadcast or group of broadcasters basis.
  • Cable networks - where it is possible to regionalize content per hub/node or group of hub/nodes.

The component of the solution include:

  • IDC's Production Manager - for Ad & Program management and in-band distribution to all LASER receivers, such that the content can be inserted at the adequate place and time
  • IDC's IP Encapsulator - for opportunistic data insertion into the broadcast network (using unused bandwidth available)
  • IDC's LASER Multi Program Splicer - and integrated satellite receiver, content server and frame-accurate media splicer.

IDC's experience serving hundreds of global television broadcasters has led to this best-in-class solution.


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