RSCC-T Redundancy Switch

Redundancy switching for modulators, etc. with options from 1:1 up to 8:1.

Adaptable 1:1 Redundancy

Supports 1:1 redundancy for diverse equipment, ensuring seamless switchover and uninterrupted operations.

Efficient Signal Control

Equipped with coaxial signal switches for input and output, optimizing signal routing and enhancing performance.

Reliable Control and Availability

Enables control via multiple interfaces, with automatic/manual switchover, dual power supplies, and AC connectors for continuous functionality.


The RSCC-T Series Redundancy Switch is used for 1:1 redundancy configuration for Upconverters, Downconverters, Modulator-Upconverters, Transport Stream Modulators, Demodulators, and Modems. It comes standard with a coaxial signal switch for the input signal and a coaxial signal switch for the output signal. 

The switch is capable to control external waveguide transfer switches as an option for LNAs or even HPAs. DC power to LNAs can also be provided as option. The switch accepts alarm signals from two equipment chains. 

The unit can be controlled from the front panel or remotely via RS-232, RS-422/485, or IP over Ethernet. 

The unit can operate in automatic mode, whereby an automatic switchover to the standby unit is performed upon detection of an alarm generated by the active unit. In addition, a manual switchover to the standby unit can be initiated. 

Two power supplies and two AC input connectors guarantee high availability of the unit. 

The 1:1 redundancy switch is also available in an outdoor version, where the signal transfer relays are mounted within an outdoor switch box. The control unit is like the indoor redundancy controller but does not include any signal switches. The outdoor switch box also includes interfaces for alarms and M&C of outdoor units. A control cable runs from the outdoor switch box to the indoor redundancy controller.

  • Input IF Switching
  • Output RF Switching
  • Indoor 1RU Controller
  • Optional Outdoor Switch
  • Optional DC Power
  • Dual Power Supplies