SuperFlex Pro Audio Receiver

Offering live audio decoding plus file based content insertion for advanced radio networks.

Complex, High Density

Software platform and high-capacity hard-drive enable advanced features and applications such as LiveWire and FlexKey encryption

Content Delivery and Management

Integrated Datacast XD client supports distribution of files for ads and/or long-form content, file system supports SAMBA network access


Software-based decoding, upgradeable as new decoding standards emerge


The SuperFlex Pro Audio Series features two models: SuperFlex Pro Audio with two audio decoders and SuperFlex Pro Audio XTR with four audio decoders. All the decoders have associated relays sufficient for an AM/FM co-location or AM/FM transmitter pair. Each audio decoder is independent of the other allowing maximum flexibility in data rates, codecs and sample rates: MPEG Layer II for existing DVB compatibility or MPEG Layer III or new High-Efficiency Advanced Audio Coding (HE‐AAC) for the best audio performance at the lowest bit rate.

The SuperFlex Pro Audio Series is specially designed to allow commercial/program insertion on any channel. Datacast XD client is used to download advertisement files or programs into the receiver via satellite. Copy Split permits real-time triggering of commercials/programming overlays on a receiver by receiver basis and can be done in an event or time scheduled manner.