MAP PRO Audio Receiver

Satellite & Internet ready with MISTiQ built-in

Designed for Satellite & Internet

High performance, broadcast quality from internet and satellite.

MISTiQ Inside

Zero-config makes Internet distribution easy for users. No firewall configuration required.

Backup to Satellite

Great solution for satellite backup to eliminate sun & rain outages


Satellite and IP distribution of radio programming with local playout of programs and ads.  The MAP Pro Audio Series of receiver decoders are professional are designed for satellite and IP implementations. MAP receiver decoders are fully compatible with DVB-S and DVB-S2 as well as MISTiQ Cloud™ internet distribution.  All MAP receiver decoders include IDC’s Datacast XD™ for secure addressable delivery of program and ad files. The MAP is fully compatible with MISTiQ and Zero-config.

The MAP Pro Audio Series features receivers with two audio decoders and with four audio decoders. All the decoders have associated relays sufficient for an AM/FM co-location or AM/FM transmitter pair. Each audio decoder is independent of the other allowing maximum flexibility in data rates, codecs and sample rates: MPEG Layer II for existing DVB compatibility or MPEG Layer III or new High-Efficiency Advanced Audio Coding (HE-AAC) for the best audio performance at the lowest bit rate.