Production Manager

Management of digital program insertion functions in IDC video and radio product lines.

Digital Program Insertion Management

Drives the triggering and scheduling of DPI actions for applications such as copy split, content regionalization, blackout management, regulatory compliance, and more

Seamless Broadcast Workflow Integration

Works with IDC's LASER MPS for integration with third-party automation and traffic systems

Media Networks

Used for both broadcast radio and video networks


IDC Production Manager is a powerful content management tool used to control IDC receiver products including STAR Pro Audio G2, SuperFlex Pro Audio and LASER receivers. In these networks, Production Manager provides central management of remote site insertion of advertisement into linear live video and audio from the network operations center (NOC). 

Production Manager | LASER

Broadcasters can generate exciting new revenue streams using Production Manager’s targeted advertisement features.  Production Manager allows system operators to schedule system-wide seamless ad and program insertion via SCTE-35 splices. Production Manager also allows the network provider to pre-define local and regional ad inserts, blackouts and long form programming. 

Ad Insertion Module (AIM) for LASER

The Production Manager’s Ad Insertion Module allows network operators to implement the functionality of an automated ad playout system for operators who do not have SCTE-104 messaging capabilities. This module allows Production Manager to convert basic broadcast GPIO and IP based cue information into SCTE-104 messaging which is required by video encoders for DPI (Digital Program Insertion) functions such as ad insertion. DTMF signals can also be supported via use of an external DTMF to GPIO conversion utility.

Production Manager | Pro Audio

Production Manager enables the targeted advertisement features that form the basis of exciting new revenue models being deployed by today’s most advanced professional audio networks. Production Manager provides both scheduled program and event based functionality, enabling operators to trigger pre-defined events including: the insertion of commercials; regionalized content (“copy split”); activation of a playlist; changing of channels; firing of relay closures; and the returning to live programming.

Ad Insertion Module (AIM) for Pro Audio

The Production Manager’s Ad Insertion Module allows network operators to implement the functionality of an automated ad playout system. This interface allows the Production Manager to execute commercial insertion splices based on an operator schedulable rotating time of day schedule.

Features & Benefits
  • Ad Insertion
  • Content Ingestion
  • Automated Playout Management
  • Content Transmission
  • SCTE-104 Messaging
  • Time scheduled file playback
  • Time scheduled channel changes
  • Playlist support
  • Global, group and individual receiver addressability
  • Web- based GUI
  • Database
  • Optional RAID server database for redundancy