Event Manager

Injects frame accurate queues into audio stream required for commercial insertion; triggers stored program playback, channel changes & more.

RDS Data Insertion

Support for realtime injection of audio-aligned metadata, program associated data (PAD) and GPI inputs


Creates EPG (Electronic Programming Guide) for IDC audio receivers for operator ease-of-use

Trigger Insertion

Injects realtime triggers enabling a variety of operations—copy split, store & forward, digital program insertion, regionalization, etc.


The RTP stream output from the audio encoder at the configured data rate is intercepted by Event Manager and the appropriate action triggers, relay contact closure including RDS data and metadata information are injected into the RTP header in real time.

Action triggers received from IDC’s Production Manager are frame accurately injected into the audio IP streams RTP headers to allow for seamless transitions for commercial insertions (copy split), channel changes and play lists.

Relay contact closure events can be input to Event Manager using the front panel, terminal interface, LAN connection, or parallel port. RTP packets from the audio encoder arrive at one of Event Manager’s Ethernet interfaces. Contact closure and metadata information is added to these packets using a RTP header extension, and the resultant packets are output via Event Manager’s other Ethernet interface.

Contact closure information may be received from either the Event Manager host’s parallel printer port or via UDP. A RTP header extension is added to RTP packets passing through Event Manager regardless if there contact closure information and metadata available. This helps to ensure consistent spacing between the outgoing packets.

Event Manager is also capable of providing an additional layer of audio Forward Error Correction (FEC) that can allow the receive site to withstand several seconds of satellite reception interruption and without missing a single frame of audio.

Event Manager can also provide information about its audio stream using IDC’s EPG which is processed by IDC’s audio receivers allows user selection of audio receivers allows user selection of audio channels logically by channel number and description without the use of IP addresses or ports.