MAP PRO Cinema

Meeting the demands of DCP file delivery & transfer, as well as live event distribution with high-speed DCP distribution via satellite.

Integrated Datacast XD

Built around IDC's Datacast XD file broadcast system, distributes DCPs and/or live streams securely and reliably

Digital Cinema Aware

Industry-specific, DCP-aware features including SHA-1 verification to ensure file integrity

Comprehensive Integration

Interoperable with in-theatre ecosystems including any industry-standard LMS


Designed to meet the demands of digital cinema, the MAP Pro Cinema Cache Server maintains the highest possible throughput for DCP movie reception and transfer to the theatre management system. The ideal store-and-forward server for DCP distribution.

Derived from IDC’s award winning MAP Pro Audio Receiver. The MAP Pro Cinema Cache Server provides multiple integration options for automated delivery of DCP content to any theatre library management system (LMS) or digital cinema server.

The MAP Pro Cinema Cache Server can be deployed in either a one-way, two-way or hybrid satellite/terrestrial network. In addition, it can be configured for the delivery of live events (alternative content) via satellite.

Features & Benefits
  • DVB-S or DVB-S2
  • 10 TB of storage capacity
  • Support for Digital Cinema Content Distribution System
  • Datacast XD included
  • Net Manager addressable
  • Web browser interface
  • 2 NIC ports
  • LMS vendor compatibility
  • BISS Decryption
  • Supports live event distribution and live events