SuperFlex Pro Data Receiver

Satellite receiver with the built-in power of a router appliance for high speed data over satellite applications

Integrated Datacast XD

Built around IDC's Datacast XD comprehensive content distribution and management system

Secure Data Broadcasting

Flexible decryption options including IDC's FlexKey, BISS, and DVB Common Interface CA

High-speed and Bandwidth Efficient

Full transponder rates supported including option for 16APSK


The SuperFlex Pro Data Receivers can be customized by choosing DVB-S or DVB-S2, the modulation and FEC best suited for the application and the operating budget. The SuperFlex Pro Data Series can filter up to 250 PIDs, decrypt data and output packets via the GbE RJ-45 Ethernet interface.

The series has two available models:

  1. SuperFlex Pro Data: the standard model, can output up to a full transponder of data
  2. SuperFlex Pro Data XTR: the high performance model, has a more powerful processor which allows it to output two full transponders of data