SuperFlex Pro Audio IP Receiver

Professional IP audio receiver compatible with IDC's MISTiQ Cloud Platform

Terrestrial Radio Solution

Full featured transport stream delivery over terrestrial networks

Reliable - Fault-Tolerant

Supports SMPTE 2022-1 FEC and SMPTE 2022-7 seamless protection switching to optimize performance


Supports advance features such as LiveWire, SAMBA, Datacast XD and more


MISTiQ is an Internet Cloud solution which provides radio network program distribution to remote sites using the internet. When implemented as a back-up path to satellite transmission, MISTiQ can be used for hybrid satellite & Internet distribution to increase transmission availability by eliminating rain-fade outages, sun outages and satellite uplink equipment failures.

MISTiQ can also form the basis of an all-internet (Internet-only) radio distribution system. MISTiQ reliably delivers single program channels and multi-program channels of audio in stereo or mono along with the associated ancillary data for RDS, GPO relays, metadata plus audio files for ad insertion, network management, software upgrades, time sync, FCC-mandated transmitter control and more. All services are delivered through the Internet in the same way as a satellite-based service.

MISTiQ can be configured as an add-on to an existing or new satellite network to introduce internet back up as shown in Figure (1) or configured for use as a stand-alone professional radio distribution system with STAR G2 receivers as shown in Figure (2).

  • Internet back up of network radio programing to affiliates
  • Eliminates sun outages and rain outages & transmission problems
  • Cyber-secure encrypted delivery with full conditional access & addressability
  • Single program channel & multi program channel distribution
  • Compatible with IDC encoders, Net Manager, Production Manager, NTP server
  • MPEG2/4 audio codecs with 32/44.1/48 kHz sample rates
  • Terrestrial cloud distribution or hybrid/terrestrial distribution
  • Use the cloud distribution service of IDC or operate your own cloud service
  • Increase distribution availability to 100% using hybrid