Digital Cinema Delivery

Comprehensive solutions for distribution of DCPs and live events

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Tech Benefits

DCP-aware ingest validation process, advanced workflows and automation.

Financial Benefits

Reduces operating costs associated with hard drive and film distribution. Flexible alternatives to meet a range of budgets.

Pain Resolution

End-to-end comprehensive DCP delivery system. Proven track record, IDC was the first to market with a digital cinema solutions.

About this solution

IDC offers flexible solutions for the delivery of Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) and Live Alternative Content.

INTEGRATED UNITS: Our digital cinema platform operates over any multicast or hybrid IP network. IDC Pro Cinema receivers feature DVB-S2 technology providing high-speed throughput and increased transmission reliability required for digital cinema networks.

SOFTWARE: The IDC digital cinema software-only alternative allows operators to take advantage of commercially sourced hardware platforms—ideal for networks that want control to source and customize their own hardware and/or virtualized client-side environments.

LIVE EVENTS: Experienced with MPEG-2, MPEG-4, and 3D live event delivery.

NETWORK SECURITY: IDC’s distribution layer security solutions include a variety of link encryption and conditional access options tailored to fit the needs of your network. Although DCP content is already encrypted, link encryption can be added as an option.


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