Professional Radio Networks

Helping radio broadcasters improve quality, reduce costs, and increase revenues.

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Tech Benefits

Improved satellite efficiency: DVB-S2 modulation and AAC audio encoding for optimal  bandwidth utilization

Better network automation: interface with playout automation systems for maximum precision and flexibility (copy splitting, regionalization)

Financial Benefits

Increase revenues: Regional and local ad/program insertion. Meet compliance challenges: built-in blackout management

Decrease operating cost: save on satellite bandwidth with our impressive efficiency gains

Pain Resolution

IDC is an ideal long-term technical partner. We emphasize backwards-compatible, future-proof network design. Customers count on us to maintain and grow their networks. Our commitment is to the longevity and success of your system.

About this solution

We’re the world’s leading provider of professional radio broadcast networks. Our state-of-the-art family of products offer unparalleled efficiency, easy automation, and advanced functionality for networks small, medium, and large.

“No network left behind”. IDC’s systems are cost-effective and scalable—ranging from small regional networks to the world’s largest and most complex broadcasters.

Our global reach, decades of experience, and first-class team of experts ensure your network will be in good hands.

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