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Ottawa, ON – (June 5, 2023):  Novra Technologies Inc. (“Novra”) (TSX-V: NVI, OTC: NVRVF) and its subsidiary International Datacasting Corporation (“IDC”) announced today two new orders from major broadcasters for MISTiQ, the managed cloud solution for broadcasters.

MISTiQ offers broadcasters the ability to seamlessly transfer content distribution from traditional satellite networks to terrestrial IP/internet. As the media industry continues to evolve this offers broadcasters important new alternatives to reduce costs, improve quality, and expand reach.

Satellite technology is ideal for large point-to-multipoint distribution networks, but broadcasters more and more are looking to leverage the reach of internet to offer signal redundancy or even replace satellite distribution altogether.

A major Canadian sports network—and IDC radio distribution infrastructure user—recently elected to adopt MISTiQ after three months of successful field testing. The satellite they have been using has reached the end of operational life and rather than relocate to another satellite the network decided to migrate to IP distribution for all its 24x7 programming. MISTiQ was selected as it provides a reliable internet alternative and with its flexible design it could be dropped right in and work with the existing equipment and network workflow.

In addition, another major Canadian commercial broadcast network recently adopted MISTiQ to migrate a key satellite contribution link—from remote studio to uplinking facility—to cloud based connection and is exploring expansion to include more links.

Both orders underscore the growing industry trend towards cloud-based infrastructure. IDC is an expert in this kind of migration, with several years of experience of implementing MISTiQ for broadcasters and service providers around the world.

More about MISTiQ:

  • MISTiQ is a professional software solution—aimed at reducing the inherently poor conditions of distribution via internet including latency and noisy environment. It uses SRT and a variety of other strategies to provide high quality, low latency, reliable connections.
  • MISTiQ is designed to replicate the satellite distribution model and workflow, so it can seamlessly integrate into existing networks—for back-up, primary distribution, or hybrid operations. MISTiQ is in use by radio and television broadcasters and it’s also currently in trials for the distribution digital cinema live events.
  • MISTiQ is offered as a managed service or as a platform that customers can manage themselves. It is also available as a “white label” alternative for other providers who want to integrate this capability into their own offerings. MISTiQ is integrated into Novra Group hardware products and systems, and also available as a standalone solution.

For these and other projects, IDC has partnered with Anexia—a provider of geo-redundant cloud hosting in North America running the MISTiQ technology and IP transit enabling high availability. Anexia offers high-quality solutions for cloud hosting globally and is a strategic partner for IDC.

Eric Reed, Head of Media for Anexia commented, “We are delighted to be working with International Datacasting to provide a reliable cloud distribution service for radio and television broadcasters. Anexia's global infrastructure empowers businesses with cloud-based building blocks for reliable and economical IP distribution of various forms of media content.”

Novra Group President and CEO, Harris Liontas, commented, “We are very pleased that these major Canadian broadcasters have selected MISTiQ for Internet based distribution of their services. We have known for some time that IP is a critical part of the future of broadcast. We were early leaders in enabling media distribution via satellite and I am proud to say we are on the cutting edge of media distribution across the internet. Our focus is to develop solutions that enable our clients to deliver their services in secure, reliable and cost-efficient ways.  We understand their requirements and have invested in the IP distribution strategy for some years now. It is exciting to see adoption picking up momentum.”

About Novra and International Datacasting: Part of the Novra Group (Novra, TSX-V: NVI) International Datacasting Corporation (IDC) is a longtime global provider of products, systems and services for the distribution of multimedia broadband content. The Novra Group of companies includes Novra Technologies, International Datacasting Corporation, and Wegener Communications. The companies in the group are known for a strong focus on applications including: broadcast video and radio, digital cinema, digital signage, and highly reliable data communications. For more information visit:

About Anexia:  Anexia offers high-quality solutions for cloud hosting in over 90 locations around the globe as well as individual software and app development. The company was founded in 2006 by Alexander Windbichler in Klagenfurt, Austria. Today, it has additional offices in Vienna, Graz, Karlsruhe and New York City to serve numerous international customers. For more information visit:



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International Datacasting Corporation June 5, 2024
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