SCR5800 Scrambler

DVB Scrambler & Re-Multiplexer

DVB Simulcrypt Encryption

Performs BISS 1/E and DVB Simulcrypt mode scrambling for broadcast networks

Value-added Features

Supports MPEG TS Re-Multiplexing and PSI/SI regeneration or pass through

Flexible Interfaces

TS-over-IP inputs/outputs as well as DVB ASI


The SCR5800 is a high density advanced DVB transport stream re-multiplexer and scrambler. It can receive SPTS and MPTS from both GbE and ASI inputs. By using the web GUI control interface, the input TS is demuxed to SPTS, then routed to the ASI and GbE output ports to re-build SPTS and MPTS transport streams with PSI/SI regeneration or pass through. It can support up to maximum 256 PIDs or 50 services per TS with re-mapping, bypass, filtering functions.

The SCR5800 incorporates support for DVB BISS-1, BISS-E and Simulcrypt modes by using the DVB common scrambling algorithm and built-in CW generator.