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Ottawa, ON – (July 7, 2021):  Novra Technologies Inc. (“Novra”) (TSX-V: NVI) and its subsidiary International Datacasting Corporation (“IDC”) announced the expansion of its MAP product line into new applications and markets including video, data, and digital cinema.

The MAP (short for “Modular Architecture Platform”) was designed to be a highly flexible next-generation hardware platform with tightly integrated software that can be easily upgraded and expanded to address emerging requirements.

The MAP was launched with the MAP Pro Audio, a full-featured, robust receiver for broadcast radio. The Pro Audio supports application-specific features such as targeted ad insertion, balanced audio outputs, GPIO/relay closures, and more. Since its introduction MAP Pro Audio has been embraced by networks around the world with deployments ranging from the US and Latin America, to Europe, Australia, and Asia.

Now the MAP product line is expanding to address other key market applications:

  • MAP Pro Data: for high-speed data applications such as video contribution, IP data, blockchain and more
  • Pro Cinema: for next-generation secure and speedy digital cinema distribution with integrated live event video capabilities
  • Pro Video: professional live video decoding for broadcasters

These are cutting-edge applications in niche markets where the Novra Group companies have provided technology leadership for years.

Using a common hardware platform like MAP means products are easier to build, maintain, and support. Efficiencies in manufacturing and resulting cost savings can be passed along to customers and the development time for adding new features like DVB-S2X is greatly accelerated.

Features in common across the MAP platform include:

  • Support for satellite and IP delivery
  • Built-in MISTiQ IP cloud technology with SRT as well as support for Zixi
  • Expandible hardware and software: features ranging from increased on-board storage to third-party software can be integrated to customize or meet emerging requirements
  • Designed to support industry-leading encryption and conditional access

Gary Carter, VP Products and Business Development commented: “We are longtime leaders in the business of secure, reliable delivery of multimedia content for broadcasters, service providers, and network operators around the world. We have always had a focus on applications—understanding how our customers use our technology and keeping ahead of the curve. In addition to the work we have done to expand the MAP product line we are working on adding DVB-S2X and additional tuners to our S400 family of data receivers as well as updating our ATSC products to support ATSC 3.0. There are exciting new opportunities in our industry and we are in the thick of it!”

NovraGroup President and CEO Harris Liontas added, “I’m very pleased with the innovation initiatives our team has put together. We used the pandemic lull to invest in R&D to be ready for next-generation requirements and growth. Our focus is not just on great technology, it has to make business sense. We partner with our customers to provide technology to help them sustain and grow their business.”

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About Novra and International Datacasting: Part of the Novra Group (Novra, TSX-V: NVI) International Datacasting Corporation (IDC) is a longtime global provider of products, systems and services for the distribution of multimedia broadband content. The Novra Group of companies includes Novra Technologies, International Datacasting Corporation, and Wegener Communications. The companies in the group are known for a strong focus on applications including: broadcast video and radio, digital cinema, digital signage, and highly reliable data communications. For more information visit:


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