About us


From its early roots in radio and data broadcasting, IDC led the industry in developing IP-based solutions for broadcast and emerging new applications such as IPTV, distance learning, and digital cinema. Areas of expertise include encryption/conditional access, network management, redundancy, and integration.

Today, IDC is a technology provider for many of the world’s top broadcasters in radio, television, data and digital cinema. IDC’s products and solutions are in demand for radio and television networks, targeted ad insertion, digital cinema, live events, VOD, and IPTV.  


Hardware, software, systems, service:
IDC designs and builds hardware products including: world-class IP encapsulators, the STAR and Superflex audio lines, LASER digital program insertion/targeted ad platform, as well as the SuperFlex data and ProCinema digital cinema lines.

Software: IDC’s Datacast XD file broadcast software is in use around the world for media distribution, weather data, emergency alert data, and many other applications. It is available integrated into IDC products and systems, as part of third-party hardware (OEM), and as a standalone software package.

Systems and service: IDC integrates its own products with best-of-breed partner products to deliver turn-key systems. We are known for outstanding project management, customer support, and our experience with providing outsourced service as well as products and systems.

Our commitment:
In 2016, IDC merged with Novra Technologies Inc. (TSX Venture: NVI)—a provider of premium products and solutions to datacasting and digital signage markets—to form the Novra Group (www.novragroup.com).

Together, IDC and Novra have installations in over 100 countries, and an extensive network of qualified resellers and partners around the globe.

As our industry evolves to adapt to the changing technical and commercial landscape, we continue to be committed to quality, service, and innovation—supporting our valued customers today and into the future.

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