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ENC6000 Audio Encoder

Encodes up to 100 channels. Available in an appliance, or software for bare metal server or Virtual Machine.
Modern Architecture

Modern Architecture

Available as a stand-alone appliance, software for installation of customer-furnished server, or VM image for easy integration into customer’s hypervisor.

Scalable and Cost-effective

Scalable and Cost-effective

The number of stereo audio channels supported depends on licensing and the CPU performance of the hosting hardware (several hundred stereo channels when using a 24-core processor).

Flexible and Powerful

Flexible and Powerful

Multiplicity of IP Inputs (AES-67, RAVENNA, Livewire+, Icecast, MPTS) and CODECs (MPEG Layer II, MPEG-2/4 AAC-LC, HE-AAC v1/v2)


Available in three models:

1. ENC6000 Appliance: Supports up to 100 stereo audio channels in a compact 19" 1RU design, with an optional redundant power supply.
2. ENC6000 Server: Runs on customer-provided bare-metal computers. The number of supported stereo audio channels depends on the CPU performance (up to several hundred stereo channels with a 24-core processor).
3. ENC6000 VM Image: Offers up to 50 stereo audio channels for virtual operation in data centers.


- Handles various audio signal types: web radio, DVB-TS over IP, Audio over IP (Livewire+/RAVENNA/AES67), MPEG Elementary Stream, audio files, and metadata.
- Integrated input redundancy switches to alternative signal if signal is lost, ensuring higher service availability and lower operating costs.


- Provides up to 100 audio encoder / decoder instances.
- Encodes, transcodes, and decodes audio signals with various codecs, parameters, algorithms, audio levels, and bit rates.
- Transcoder normalizes radio programs for uniform user experience across devices.
- Encoder processes metadata from web radio streams and external UECP data (e.g., RDS) and inserts them into audio stream.


- Generates audio output protocols for respective audio applications.
- Creates SPTS, MPTS, and Elementary Streams for MPEG-2 TS over IP DVB applications.
- Integrated transport stream multiplexer function generates SI tables for DVB-compliant integration.
- Compatible with common IP-to-FM modulators and DVB end devices.


- Monitors input signals and displays audio levels before and after encoding.
- Uniform loudness ensures high QoS from radio consumer's perspective.
- Offers loudness monitoring compliant with EBU R128.
- Supports quality assurance for web radio stream delivery with monitoring functions.


- Adapts to network needs with simple licensing concept: 1 to 100 stereo audio encoder/transcoder licenses.
- ENC6000 Server can run on various hardware, like Intel NUC i3 (up to 20 instances).
- Easily transfer to more powerful server hardware for increased instances.
- ENC6000 Appliance: High-performance multi-channel audio codec system for up to 100 licenses.
- ENC6000 VM supports cloud-based architectures, distributing licenses over multiple instances for increased system availability.
- Each ENC6000 instance has power reserves for ad-hoc license extensions.


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