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Edgecaster Pro

IDC's next-generation digital program insertion platform.

Edgecaster Pro is a powerful platform enabling broadcasters to control video content to the network’s edge like never before. Regionalized content, precision targeted advertising, and blackout management are handled locally, with frame-accurate SCTE- 35, video decoding with graphics overlay for logos and crawler text, and a broadcast- quality HD-SDI output ready for retransmission.

Streamlined, powerful and cost-effective, Edgecaster Pro is a single box solution that includes satellite receiver, content storage server, program splicer, video decoder with on-screen graphics overlay, all in one 2RU chassis. The broadcast quality video decoder includes a graphics overlay subsystem which allows for the insertion of on-screen graphics for channel branding/identification as well as text crawler function for alerts including a dedicated color scheme for emergency warning messages. All functions are under the control of the customer’s automation playout system.Screenshot of Edgecaster Pro