Targeted Ad Insertion

A cost effective solution for ad insertion. Allowing broadcasters to increase their advertising revenues by offering regional or local ad insertion.

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Global TV Broadcasters and Service Providers lose millions of dollars in ad revenues each year due to regionalized or localized constraints set by licensing, regulatory and copyright issues.

IDC’s LASER Targeted Ad & Program Insertion Platform enables TV broadcasters to by-pass these constraints by offering regionalized ad insertion at the edge of the network. Blackout management can also be achieved at the lowest possible cost.

IDC's solution is particularly suited to:

  • Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) networks including in ATSC, DVB-T/T2 and ISBD-T network - where it is possible to regionalize content on a per broadcast tower, city, region, state for example.
  • Direct To Operator (DTO) networks used by content owners to distribute content to Pay and/or Free To Air broadcasters - where it is possible to regionalize content on a per broadcast or group of broadcasters basis.
  • Cable networks - where it is possible to regionalize content per hub/node or group of hub/nodes.

The component of the solution include:

  • IDC's Production Manager - for Ad & Program management and in-band distribution to all LASER receivers, such that the content can be inserted at the adequate place and time
  • IDC's IP Encapsulator - for oportunitistic data insertion into the broadcast network (using unused bandwidth available)
  • IDC's LASER Multi Program Splicer - and integrated Satellite receiver, ad-server and frame-accurate ad server.

IDC's experience serving hundreds of global television broadcasters has led to this best-in-class solution.

Network Diagram

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Features & Benefits

Business objectives:

  • Increase ad revenue through advanced targeting
  • Insert regional or local ads at the edge of the network
  • Achieve simplified and centralized blackout management

Key features:

  • Central management of the solution from the head-end for network wide solution
  • Complete reporting of content being delivered; as well as affidavit of play directly accessible from the IDC head-end
  • Extremely powerful solution to cover a broad range of use cases 
  • Based on robust well-known & proven Datacast XD technology (in-band distribution) 
  • 100% frame-accurate, deterministic and seamless content insertion, usable in most demanding applications such as DTT Single Frequency Networks (SFN)
  • Based on open-standards such as DVB and SCTE-35/104
  • Simplicity of deployment by inserting LASER MPS inbetween existing broadcast equipment