Tattoo Gateway

Enabling DTH operators to expand the addressable market for their existing services by gaining access to customers living in MDUs.

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The IDC Digital Tattoo™ Solution enables DTH satellite operators to expand their customer base for existing services, and to extend the range of services they offer, by providing cost-effective, Ethernet-based content distribution within Multiple Dwelling Units (MDUs), including apartment buildings, hotels, campuses and gated communities. Ethernet content distribution within the MDU is easier, more efficient and less expensive to implement than the alternatives, and can be reused by MDU owners to offer lucrative value-added services to residents.

Increase the Market for Existing Services

Part of the solution, Tattoo Gateway enables direct-to-home (DTH) satellite operators to expand the addressable market for their existing services by gaining access to residential customers living in multi-dwelling units (MDUs). Tattoo Gateway helps overcome the distribution challenges currently faced by DTH operators wishing to expand in to this segment of the market.

High Density Satellite-to-IP Gateway

Installing a satellite dish for every resident is not generally embraced by MDU owners. Distributing satellite signals from a single dish to multiple apartments is expensive, and requires the MDU owner to invest in a dedicated RF distribution network which cannot be repurposed. IDC’s Tattoo Gateway uses IP to distribute content from a single satellite dish to every MDU apartment over a standard Ethernet network. This  approach is easier and cheaper to implement, and the Ethernet infrastructure investments can be repurposed, allowing the MDU owner to offer residents lucrative additional services, such as Internet connectivity, voice over IP, and surveillance camera monitoring.

Conditional Access Transparent

Tattoo Gateway is content and Conditional Access (CA) transparent. This enables DTH operators to keep their content encrypted all the way to the subscriber’s Set Top Box (STB), guaranteeing security, and allowing the same business systems used for CA and billing in DTH deployments to be used in MDU deployments. Operators simply have to deploy an IP version of their STB to offer MDU subscribers the same user experience as their existing DTH customers.

Expanded Service Offering

Tattoo Gateway enables DTH operators to increase the addressable market for their existing services by delivering linear content over Ethernet to new subscribers within MDUs. The broader Digital Tattoo Solution also allows operators to expand their service offering within the MDU. Content can be delivered by satellite to a micro video server with the MDU which can be used to provide a comprehensive Video on Demand (VOD) service. 

Features & Benefits

  • DTH extension over Ethernet to IP-STB
  • Up to 8 DVB-S/S2 compliant demodulators with IP outputs
  • MPEG Transport Stream PID Grooming
  • MPTS to SPTS Conversion
  • Automatic configuration