LASER™ Ad Insertion Video Receiver

Enables TV broadcasters to by-pass constraints by offering regionalized ad insertion at the edge of the network

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LASER™ enables broadcasters distributing content via satellite and IP to increase advertising revenues by inserting regional or local commercials at the edge of the network. It also opens up the door to additional advertising clients, as broadcasters are no longer constrained by regional licensing or regulatory issues, and can simply blackout and replace advertising inventory to suit their needs. Each receive location can be addressed individually or by geographical area. LASER provides pinpoint accuracy, allowing Video Broadcasters to offer advertisers the same level of ad insertion granularity offered by Cable TV or IPTV providers. 

IDC's LASER™ Targeted Ad Insertion Platform enables TV broadcasters to by-pass these constraints by offering regionalized ad insertion at the edge of the network.  Blackout management can also be achieved at the lowest possible cost.  Plus, LASER includes a video distribution receiver, ad splicer and ad server in one affordable device.

Most ad insertion systems available in the market today are designed for high density commercial insertion within a Cable TV or IPTV headend. Until now, cost effective, edge-based ad insertion for satellite delivery has not been available. LASER combines frame accurate video splicing within the remote site receiver, with ad content delivery and SCTE-35-based splicing control at the headend, to provide broadcasters delivering content by satellite with an easy-to-deploy, elegant solution for increasing advertising revenue.

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Features & Benefits

  • Insert regional or local ads at the networks edge
  • Achieve low cost blackout management
  • Get DVB-S/S2 receiver plus ad insertion in one device