ABR202A Satellite Audio Receiver

Ideal for radio program and news distribution, point-of-purchase audio distribution, the ABR202A is the solution for legacy audio broadcasting by satellite.

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This product will end-of-sale September 30, 2014 or End of Stock. IDC offers the STAR Pro Audio G2 as solutions to replace the ABR202A.

The ABR202A is the latest generation replacement receiver for the legendary ABR professional audio product line. Compared to the ABR202, the ABR202A saves rack space by utilizing a 1RU chassis, provides additional convenience with front panel and Telnet capability.

CD-quality audio, RS-232 asynchronous data, receiver control signals and cue signals (relay closures) are standard features on the ABR202A.The ABR202A uses the ISO/MPEG Layer II compression algorithm, an industry standard with international support.

Features & Benefits

  • Digital audio satellite receiver for SCPC broadcast of audio, data and relay signals

  • Functionally backwards compatible with ABR202, ABR200 and DAC700/400

  • Decodes 1 stereo pair (2 mono)

  • Supports industry standard ISO/MPEG Layer II decoding

  • L-Band demodulator supporting SCPC data rates from 64 Kb/s to 384 Kb/s

  • Front panel, Telnet, serial and Web-based monitor and control

  • Eight relay contact closures