End-of-Sale Products

International Datacasting Corporation (IDC) is a global leader in digital content distribution for the world’s premiere broadcasters. We have attained this global recognition through leading innovation in the areas of Pro Audio, Pro Video, Pro Data, and Pro Cinema solutions worldwide. A key focus of our product innovation strategy is the development of next-generation solutions that address the evolving broadcast environment. This evolution involves not only the introduction of new products and technologies, but also the discontinuation of products that may have reached the end of their lifecycle.

The below products have reached End Of Sale (and cannot be purchased by IDC), and based on the date may have also reached End Of Life (and cannot be supported by IDC anymore).

Audio Products

ABR202A Satellite Audio Receiver

Digital Stereo Generator (DMM)

  • End-of-Life: November 1, 2015

RDY RDS/RBDS Generator

  • End-of-Life: November 1, 2015

RSW Audio Redundancy Switch

  • End-of-Life: November  1, 2015

SDV-IP Audio Satellite Receiver (SDV) 

SFP Stereo FM to FM Radio Processor 

  • End-of-Life:  November 1, 2015

SFY Digital Stereo+RDS Encoder 

  • End-of-Life: November 1, 2015

SR2000plus Audio Satellite Receiver 

SR2000pro Audio Satellite Receiver 

Stereo FM Demodulator (SFD)

  • End-of-Life:  November 1, 2015

STR Pro Audio Receivers

  • End-of-Life:  May 1, 2014

Stream Recorder

SuperFlex Pro Audio 2100, 2101, 2102, 2103, 3101, 3102, 3103, 3109

TRA Audio Satellite Receiver

TRS DVB Audio Satellite Receiver

Cinema Products

Pro Cinema IP Streamer

  • End-of-Life:  May 1, 2014

SuperFlex Pro Cinema Cache Server 3101

SuperFlex Pro Cinema Cache Server 4104

SuperFlex Pro Cinema Event Player

  • End-of-Life: November 1, 2016

SuperFlex Pro Video 3101, 3102

SuperFlex Pro Video 4104

  • End-of-Life: November 1, 2020
  • SuperFlex Pro Video 6104 Receivers are the recommended replacement product.

Data Products

SRA 2100 AND 3100

SuperFlex Pro Data 2100, 3101, 3102, 3103, 3109

SuperFlex Pro IPTV

Transport Stream Processing Products

Redundancy Switch (RS) 1100

  • End-of-Life: November 1, 2015

IPE-4000 Encapsulator

  • End-of-Life: June 1, 2021

Video Products

AVC4000SD and AVC4000HD

  • End-of-Life: May 1, 2014

HD4040 Satellite Video Receiver

  • End-of-Life: May 1, 2014

HE1000 and HE4000

  • End-of-Life: September 30, 2014

HMR 5440 and 5442 Video Decoders

LASER Video Receiver

  • End-of-Life:  November 1, 2016

LASER Two Ad Insertion Video Receiver

  • End-of-Life: November 1, 2016
  • LASER MPS is the recommended replacement product.

SFX 2020-2D

  • End-of-Life: November 1, 2015

TDR1000, TDR3000, TDR4000 Satellite Video Receiver

  • End-of-Life: September 30, 2014

TDR4022 Satellite Video Receiver

  • End-of-Life: June 30, 2016

TITAN Video Encoder Family (TITAN 1, TITAN 2 and TITAN 3)

This page intends to represent products for which End of Sale or End of Life has been announced, however may not be fully complete or up to date - when in doubt, please check with the IDC team.