Digital Cinema Software Client

Meeting the demands of DCP file delivery & transfer through high-speed DCP distribution via satellite, on Commercial off-the-shelf hardware.

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Designed to meet the demands of digital cinema, the Digital Cinema Software Client maintains the highest possible throughput for DCP movie reception and transfer to the theatre management system.

With support for a wide variety of Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) server platforms, the client will support large RAID hard disk arrays for maximum DCP storage. The ideal store-and-forward client for DCP distribution, it also features support for live alternative content distri-bution in the theatre via an IP network.

With 100% feature compatibility (where applicable) to the widely deployed SuperFlex Pro Video and SuperFlex Pro Cinema Cache Server receivers, COTS servers run-ning the client can co-exist on a network including legacy IDC cinema receivers. The client provides multiple inte-gration options for automated delivery of DCP content to any theatre library management system (LMS) or digital cinema server.

Features & Benefits

  • Customer supplied server platform and hard disk storage
  • Support for Digital Cinema Content Distribution System
  • Datacast XD included (Broadcast)
  • Datacloud XD optional (DCP delivery over terrestrial IP net-works)
  • Net Manager addressable
  • Web browser interface
  • Support for TBS 6982/6983 series satellite cards (DVB-S/S2)
  • Support for up to 4 NIC ports
  • Widest LMS vendor compatibility