NOC Manager

Providing content management, reporting, and alarming for Digital Content Packages (DCP) distribution to remote theatre sites. 

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The NOC Manager is a key component of IDC’s Digital Cinema Content Distribution system. The NOC Manager can support up to 3000 theatre receive sites within a single network.

The NOC Manager is available as a 1:1 redundant configuration for maximum up-time.

The NOC Manager can command remote receivers to publish, unpublish, or delete DCPs that have been  received.

The NOC Manager also provides reporting on DCP transmission status including billing reports.

Features & Benefits

  • Alarm notification via SMTP (email)

  • GUI interface for triggering transfer of DCP files to Theatre Control System

  • Receive site inventory reporting and content management

  • Easy to use web based interface with user authentication and assignable privileges

  • Secure remote access to all Distribution Manager functions

  • Report generation (exportable) of confirmed deliveries and transfers

  • Exporting of DCP deliveries for billing purposes

  • Content Management on remote receivers

  • Commands can be transmitted over satellite link or IP Backchannel