Posted on June 9, 2017

International Datacasting is a long-time leader in solutions for securing networks. We offer a variety of tools for protecting content, controlling access, and firewalling devices in a network. Times change, threats evolve, and IDC’s network protection toolkit is evolving too.

We are pleased to announce new cybersecurity products and services:

  • Threat assessment and penetration testing
  • Consulting services (one-time or periodic) to improve network cybersecurity
  • Real-time threat monitoring service

IDC’s family of encryption and conditional access solutions continue to support mission-critical networks around the world.  Our experts can help you choose the right option from a range of real-time encryptions solutions including: BISS encryption, AES encryption built in to Datacast XD file broadcast/CDN software, FlexKey network-specific encryption, and Cyphercast IP encryption with comprehensive subscriber management-based conditional access.

For more information, contact or +1-613-596-4120.